Friday, January 18, 2019


Daisy returns for Show and Share!

Part one of a three part space project!

We had lots of people sharing stories this week!

Two more Show and Shares.

We sadly finished our last DRAGON MASTERS book.
We're hoping the next book gets published soon.
Here we are pictured with our favorite book(s) from the series.

Step Two of a three part space project.

Some more stories were shared.

A very cool space show and share!

Just a few of our builds this week. 

Happy Long Weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2019



Dear Parents,

     Hi! We've had a busy couple of weeks! We have blasted off into our space unit. We've learned about the rocky planets and just made it to Jupiter. We backtracked for the end of the week to look closer at our moon. We are VERY excited about the lunar eclipse that will be happening on Sunday night. Since there is no school on Monday we are in great hopes of getting to see it! The eclipse will begin on Saturday night at 9:36 pm. It will be a full eclipse at 11:41 and reach maximum eclipse at 12:12 then ending it's full stage at 12:43. The entire eclipse will end at 2:48. If the weather does not let us view this spectacular event, you can go to to view it live. 


     We are becoming fluent readers! It's so exciting to watch. The more your child practices at home the stronger reader s/he will be! Books may not come home every night because they are getting longer. I keep them at school until they are done and then you can keep them a few extra days to read at home. However, your child should still be reading each night. If you need books on your child's level, I am more than happy to send a little bag home for them to use for the nights they have no guided reading book. Just send me a note. I know some of you have books of your own so I try not to overwhelm you :)!
     If you haven't heard (cause we're pretty excited about this), we are now using Google docs and email! The kids have learned how type a story, find a picture on the web, add the picture to their story and then share it with me so I can print it. It's amazing to see them get comfortable using it! If you have a computer at home, let them try to type a story there. They love it! Our email is locked down to only use at school. It's been fun seeing the students use this. It was especially nice receiving about forty emails when I was out with my dad. They are pretty special!


     We finished our first math book! We are currently taking the Unit Five assessment. As soon as everyone finishes we will begin our second, and last, book. The program will not look any different to you at home. You can still expect to see the parent letters and homelinks coming home every day except Friday. If you want to get ahead, our next unit will focus on telling time. 


*  No School Monday - Martin Luther King Day.
*  We could use some new or lightly used treats for our treat box if you are cleaning out.
*  We could also use a box of individual wrapped snacks for our snack bucket. 
*  Since we are getting so much snow this weekend the kids are allowed to bring in their own
    sleds or snow toys for recess. Just make sure they are labeled with your child's name. We can store      them here at school if it's easier than taking them back and forth each day. 


Friday, January 11, 2019