Friday, September 18, 2020

Pics From Week Ending 9-18-20

What a great, first full week we have had! We got lots accomplished. We started our math and spelling books. We did lots of reading and writing work with the Wishy-Washy books. We looked for chunks in words and patterns in rhymes. We have our own book boxes now that have books we can read by ourselves in them. We practiced counting by 1,2,5 and 10. We worked with our number lines to practice counting up and back from various numbers. We played Number Squeeze, Top It, Penny/Dice and Bunny Hop (all math games). We used our chrome books for Prodigy, Lalilo and Rocket Spelling. We started our first mission in Go2Science. Beth and Curtis actually answered some of our questions live on their show. It was so cool to have them talking to us! We learned how the Earth is made up of layers and how the further you dig, the older the layer. We made some of our own layers. Mrs. Richard brought in shell fossils that she found in Maine. They were so cool to look at. Mr. Cyr came and read to us! We ended our week by eating and playing in mud...haha...jk! We used chocolate pudding to paint a mud scene. We then used bubble wrap to print suds. Next week we will use them to make a Wishy-Washy book.

Again, what a great week! We couldn't ask for better kids! 
You should be very proud of them. They are working hard and keeping safe!  
Have an awesome weekend.